IPS Supported Employment/Education

BBHC is proud to announce that Broward County is now officially part of the International Learning Community for IPS with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to implement the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) evidence-based approach to Supported Employment. BBHC, in partnership with the Regional DCF SAMH Office in Broward County and the local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) Office and, established a pilot program that offers IPS Supported Employment through the first pilot programs in the state in two local agencies.

According to NAMI’s 2014 Road to Recovery: Employment and Mental Illness report, Florida has an 84.7% unemployment rate for persons with mental health and substance use challenges. IPS is an evidence-based practice that requires providers to focus on individuals’ strengths to find jobs in the community. IPS also integrates Supported Education for persons who want to improve their career pathways. Research data from IPS sites that are implemented to fidelity show anywhere between 53-79% competitive employment rates.

IPS characteristics include:
• Work promotes recovery and wellness
• Employment specialists work in collaboration with state Vocational Rehabilitation counselors
• IPS uses a multidisciplinary team approach with mental health practitioners
• Services are individualized and long lasting

When put into practice, the principles of IPS shift the method of delivery of mental health services towards a recovery approach. The IPS Program is available to anyone who wants to work, and focuses on:
• competitive employment;
• rapid job searches;
• client choice; and
• systemic job development

To find out more about referral to services, see our Community Handout in the attachments below.

Get Involved: 

Recovery Support Navigator/IPS Trainer
Celia Hall

Director of Clinical Services/IPS Trainer
Emery Cowan

Resources & Links: 

IPS Employment Center - Rockville Institute: www.IPSWorks.org
IPS and VR: https://www.ipsworks.org/resources/vocational-rehabilitation/