About Us

A Brief History

Broward’s public behavioral health system is under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). DCF privatized its service system through the development and contractual relationships with local Managing Entities to provide the administration, management, support and oversight of the State and federally funded behavioral health services. In 2011, DCF designated the Broward Behavioral Health Coalition, Inc. (BBHC) as Broward’s local Managing Entity, which is responsible for the contracting, monitoring, clinical quality, and performance improvement of the DCF/State funded behavioral health services. BBHC provides a comprehensive system of care for substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders for individuals in Broward County. As a non-profit organization, BBHC also manages local and national grants to develop evidence-based practices and practice improvement for providers and persons served. The BBHC Board has contracted with Concordia Behavioral Health to provide support services related to BBHC's management of behavioral health services in Broward County.

  • Vision: Ensuring a responsive and compassionate behavioral healthcare experience for people in our community.

  • Mission: To advocate and ensure an effective and efficient behavioral health system of care is available in Broward County.

  • Values: Consumer driven, cultural competence, compassionate service, efficient management, innovative system, fiscal integrity.

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