Consumer Network Times

The July - August 2014 newsletter contains testimonials regarding WRAP trainings. WRAP has been offered to consumers, families, and behavioral health stakeholders in Miami-Dade, Monroe, Collier, Broward, Orlando, and Tampa. Below is one of the testimonials that appeared in newsletter.

“I am thrilled with how my life unfolded after attending WRAP trainings last year. I am able to focus all of my energy, not on fighting old habits, but in building new ones. I have learned that my recovery is tied to hope and simple acts of self-care, that when combined create a lovely symbiosis. My life is filled with healthy energy due in part to of the structure that WRAP offers.
I am infinitely grateful to the people who introduced me to WRAP and to the support system it helped to create.”

-- Alfonso J Ruiz CRSS
Consumer Relations Specialist
Broward Behavioral Health Coalition