Policies and Procedures

Policy Name Policy Number Related Reference
BBHC Contract Provider Handbook N/A
Mandatory Reporting Requirements to the Inspector General CFOP 180-4
Contract JH343 Amendment #13
Link to DCFs Operating Procedures N/A
Community Substance Abuse & MH Services Financial Rules Chapter 65E-14
Complaint Grievance Policy N/A
Credentialing Policy N/A
Contract JH343 Amendment #11
Contract JH343 Amendment #10
Contract JH343 Amendment #9
Contract JH343 Amendment # 8
PUR 1000 General Contract Conditions PUR 1000
Operating Procedures Manual for Providers Operating Procedures Manual for Providers001
Consumer Manual Consumer Manual 2016
HIPAA Privacy and Security Standards CBH IT001
BBHC CBH NVRA Procedure BBHC CBH NVRA Procedure 001
Credentialling of Assessors CBH004
BBHC Definitions Terms 070114
Conducting the Contract Accountability Review PR 001.01
Institutional Oversight of Human Subject Research and Institutional Review Board Designation DCF 215-8