Consumer Resources


This manual will give you information and direction on who to contact for more specific information. You will also learn ways to be more involved in your services and community. If you need assistance and/or have any questions related to mental health, substance abuse and/or other community services, please call the Consumer Relations Specialist at 754-227-4950. Please read through the following pages and keep this manual for future use. We hope your experience with Broward Behavioral Health Coalition, Inc. is positive and beneficial to you; if you need assistance.


  • Spread the word that there is HOPE for persons living with mental illnesses!
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery is real and it is for everyone!
  • Make it easier for you to know how to get public behavioral health services.
  • Tell you about resources to help you live, learn, work and participate fully in the community.
  • Help you make good choices about your care.
  • Tell you your rights and responsibilities when you are receiving public mental health and substance abuse services.
  • Invite you to let us know what you think about our services, your mental health/substance abuse care, or the care of your child or family member.

    What is Peer Support?
    from NAMI: "Peer support is getting help from someone who has been there. People with similar experiences may be able to listen, give hope and guidance toward recovery in a way that is different, and may be just as valuable, as professional services. Peer services include mutual support groups, peer-run programs and services in traditional mental health agencies provided by peer support specialists. While peer support groups may be composed entirely of people who have simply learned through their own experience, some types of peer providers undergo training and certification to qualify. In addition to direct services, many peer-run organizations advocate to improve opportunities for people recovering from mental illnesses." Read more here

    How can you become a Peer Support Specialist?
    The first step to certification is to complete training, experience hours and fill out the official application. You can review requirements and download the Application Portfolio from the Florida Certification Board's website:

    Please contact the Consumer Relations Specialist at 754-227-4950 for more information about local training and events.