One Community Partnership 2 (OCP2)

One Community Partnership 2 (OCP2) is a grant and county initiative enhancing the delivery of services to transition-age youth and emerging adults (14-21 years of age) who experience emotional/mental health challenges that also may include co-occurring substance use, trauma, and other complex issues. This initiative provides the Broward System of Care with effective transition supports for all youth entering adulthood on their way towards resiliency, recovery, and wellness.

Transition Services in Broward have been enhanced through the implementation of the evidence-supported practice, Transition to Independence Process (TIP). OCP2 is focused on high fidelity implementation, infusion of peer and recovery principles across the system of care, wellness activities and training opportunities provided through community partnerships. Furthermore, OCP2 has added independent living supports that include evidence-based practices such as IPS supported employment, supported education and permanent supportive housing. Through this menu of services, youth have been able to quickly access individualized supports to achieve their “real world” goals like making new friends, getting a job, having an apartment and going back to school. Download our Referral Form today!

This initiative began October 2014 with a Planning Grant and continues through 2019 with an Expansion and Sustainability grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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Clinical Integration Coordinator:
Tiffany Smith

Project Director/Director of Clinical Services:
Emery Cowan