Broward Behavioral Health Coalition, Inc. (BBHC) is committed to partnering with the network service providers to transform Florida’s substance use and mental health system into a Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC).

Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC) is a framework for coordinating multiple systems, services, and supports that are person-centered, self-directed and designed to readily adjust to meet the person served’s needs and chosen pathway to recovery.


Behavioral health systems and communities form ROSCs to:

  • Promote good quality of life, community health, and wellness for all
  • Prevent the development of behavioral health conditions
  • Intervene earlier in the progression of illnesses
  • Reduce the harm caused by substance use disorders and mental health conditions on individuals, families, and communities

Provide the resources to assist people with behavioral health conditions to achieve and sustain their wellness and build meaningful lives for themselves in their communities